Launch of our new Easy Egg Scrambled Egg Pot.

We are very proud to have launched our new easy egg scrambled egg pot. The product has been in development for may months and over this time we have been perfecting our scrambled egg recipe to get it just right.

The product has been designed to give you the customer the best possible high-quality scrambled egg conveniently by cooking in only 60 seconds with no mess and no preparation needed. We think this product will be perfect for speeding up people’s breakfast routines and giving them a high-quality protein breakfast on the go or at home.

We have been meticulous in every element of design for this product from packaging that is recyclable and a heatproof sleeve for ease of eating the product on the go.

Our scrambled egg pots have a long shelf life of 30 days making them perfect fridge fillers this shelf life is achieved naturally through our sous vide cooking method and the products have no artificial preservatives or colourings.

We are very excited to bring this product to market and are the first company in the UK to have developed this offering.

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